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  • Complete the transportation of oversizes and heavy lifts cargoes for Hoi Xuan Hydro-power Plant in Hoi Xuan and Thanh Xuan Communes, Quan Hoa District, Thanh Hoa Province.

    Recently, Hoang Ngoc Phat Company has completed the transportation of oversizes and heavy-lifts equipment for the project of Hoi Xuan Hydropower Plant which is a hydro-electric power station built on the main stream of Ma River with a capacity of 120MW, in Hoi Xuan and Thanh Xuan communes, Quan Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province. This shipment has 09 oversizes and heavy-lift packages, of which:

    – 03 packages 5.45 m width;

    – 03 packages 6.15m width, 3.4m height, weighing 28T /package;

    – 03 packages 6m width, 3.8m height, weighing 94.5T / package.

    In the hilly terrain conditions, the slope is 10-12% high, with many long slopes such as Cun – Hoa Binh, Thung Khe, Thung Nhuoi…. After 4 nights, the shipment has been transported to the site and put down absolute safety on schedule.