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    Tractor: More than 50 units, of which mainly high quality specialized tractor of German, American, South Korean. Most tractors are manufactured from 2011 to 2015 which is directly imported by our self.

    Semi-trailers, Special Purpose Semi-trailers: 56 units, including 10 multi-purpose trailers, payload from 20 to more than 800 tons.

    Working Cars: 3 units.

    The vehicles of the company ensure the whole technical standards, quality testing of vehicles and special purpose vehicles as prescribed by the state authorities, fully meet the transport requirements for works on most types of terrain.

    Transport capacity: Due to company have a lot of tractors and specialized semi-trailers so we entirely possible to be active in the working layout that meet customer demands in terms of quantity as well as strains vehicles, ensuring freight time as requested.

    Mode of transportation: We have implemented various transport modes in many different depending on the requirements of the owner such as total of shipment batch or single row. With these kinds of special, oversized, heavy weight , OOG cargoes or transport routes difficult, we will coordinate and offer our suggestion to the customers in order to find out the most optimal solution to implement